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HELLO, and welcome to the “R” JOY BOER GOATS website.  We are Ed and Maria Beuten and it is our joy (hence the name of our farm “R” JOY) to be breeding and raising healthy, happy and hearty Boer goats.

We are located in North Central Wisconsin in the sleepy town of Lublin.


Our show and breeding quality goats are registered purebred, full-blood, & percentage Boer's and are registered with the America Boer Goat Association.

At the request of our customers we occasionally have non-registered Boer bucklings and does for sale along with wethered Boer's.
We are also breeding and selling other quality goats for meat.


We strive to maintain good health through pasture rotation, quality feed, and strict vaccination schedules.  WE DO NOT BREED UNTIL THEY ARE AT LEAST  1 1/2 YEARS OLD AND WE DO NOT CROSS BREED.
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